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He might be one of the most ripped men in Australia, but even Sam Burgess admits to indulging in a cheeky snack from time to time.

And the former Rabbitohs star has taken his love for his favourite good one step further – by investing in it.

Sam, 33, and his brother Luke have become part owners of Orara Valley Jerky, Kitchen Confidential has revealed.

Footy pal Dan Vanderdonk runs the business and introduced Sam to jerky – dried meat that’s particularly popular in South Africa – years ago.

Sam Burgess has become part owner of a jerky business. Source: InstagramSource: Instagram
Orara Valley Beef Jerky. Photo: Frank RedwardSource: Supplied

“I had never really had jerky before but I tried Dan’s and I was obsessed. I would dream of it and wake up at midnight to eat some. I ate so much that I would get a sore jaw,” Sam explained.

“I asked Dan if I could get on board and grow the business because I wanted to get the product out there.”

Vanderdonk said getting the Burgesses on board had “opened so many doors”, with the company now selling 12,000 bags of jerky a week.

“Their involvement has seen us grown exponentially,” he said.

The jerky will be also be sold at pubs own by pub baron Stu Laundy, after the Burgesses joined forces with him to buy The Bayview Hotel in Woy Woy, Sydney.

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