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The Personal Back Story Driving 'They Cloned Tyrone'


Рецензия на фильм “Они клонировали Тайрона” / They Cloned Tyrone

On July 21, the Netflix platform presented another Friday premiere – the fantasy comedy They Cloned Tyrone. In the review below, we take a look at whether this movie can brighten up a weekend evening and evoke positive emotions.

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Let’s cut it short, it’s definitely a great weekend for fun. Two of this year’s biggest blockbusters – Barbie and Oppenheimer – are now playing in theaters worldwide and in IMAX.

‘They Cloned Tyrone’: Jamie Foxx, John Boyega in Conspiracy Bad Dream

No one in America today can be locked into a conspiracy theory. The air we breathe, the Kool-Aid we drink has become the rabbit-hole ideology that defines many of us. Still, conspiracy theories come in different shapes and sizes. Many are wrong, some are …

They Cloned Tyrone: Η πιο καμένη ταινία της χρονιάς παίζει τώρα στο Netflix

“There were two things,” says director Jewel Taylor. “I knew I wanted to do a mystery like a runaway Scooby-doo where detectives were incompetent but also oddly uniquely appropriate.” One note: Scooby-Doo. And then;
“And then a…

They Cloned Tyrone ending and credit scene explained

They Cloned Tyrone, the ending gives spoilers.
Barbenheimer may be the weekend, but if you don’t want to go to the movies, Netflix’s They Cloned Tyrone is also worth your time.
John Boyega plays the drug dealer Fontaine in the bizarre thriller.

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