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Ubisoft is closing 'unused' accounts, disabling access to purchased …


Ubisoft en hausse : début d’exercice rassurant, mais c’est la fin de l’année qui importe

Ubisoft is on the rise: a reassuring start to the year but the important thing is the end of the year
Share today at 15:42
Ubisoft (+5.22% to 28.88 euros) occupies one of the top positions in the SBF 120 index after a reassuring first quarter. net bo…

Deutsche Bank relève son objectif de cours

UBISOFT: Deutsche Bank raises price target
Today at 16:44
Deutsche Bank on Friday raised its price target at Ubisoft from 35 to 40 euros, while maintaining its buy recommendation on the title.
On a note…

Ubisoft entertain : Deutsche Bank relève son objectif de cours

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Ubisoft is deleting older player accounts on PC

What do you want to know
Ubisoft is a sizable third-party publisher that makes Assassins Creed, Far Cry, Rainbow Six games, and more.
A user sent an email from Ubisoft explaining that their account was deleted because it was “too old”.

Vous avez un compte Ubisoft inactif ? Attention à ne pas perdre tous vos jeux

Have a long inactive Ubisoft account? Be careful, be sure to connect in the coming days or you may risk losing all your purchases.
Have a Ubisoft account that you haven’t logged into for a long time? To wait…

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