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Elon Musk begins process of rebranding Twitter as X


Twitter change de nom pour devenir “X” et abandonne l’oiseau bleu sur son logo

Twitter’s eccentric owner Elon Musk and its new CEO, Linda Yaccarino, said the platform will remove the bluebird logo and be renamed “X” and offer payments, banking services and more.

Pourquoi le réseau social Twitter va-t-il changer de nom et de logo?

Twitter is well and truly over. Elon Musk tweeted this Saturday before suggesting that the new logo might be X, “Soon we’ll say goodbye to the Twitter brand and slowly all the birds.”
“If a good enough X logo hangs tonight…

Adieu, blauer Vogel: Twitters neues Logo ist ein schwarzes „X“

Elon Musk loves this letter: “X” should now be Twitter’s logo. One marketing expert predicts that the change will be met with incomprehension by many users. Looks like there’s a new conspiracy behind it…

Twitter wird in X umbenannt und bekommt neues Logo

Goodbye bluebird: Elon Musk gives Twitter a new name. X will be the name of the text messaging service in the future. This means leaving behind a well-established and world-renowned brand.
Twitter owner Elon Musk is trying to use X as Twitter’s new name…

Twitter tiene un nuevo dominio y logotipo

Twitter has a new domain and logo
The platform replaces the classic bluebird with an X and the domain becomes X.com.
Businessman Elon Musk announced the new name and logo of his social network Twitter this Monday. The platform will replace your cl…

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