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Incendie à Rhodes: les vacances gâchées de milliers de touristes …


Grèce-Les touristes étrangers cherchent à fuir les feux de forêt

By Fedja Grulovic
RODOS, Greece, July 24 (Reuters) – Fires continued to spread across Greece as tourists raided Rhodes airport on Monday, leaving vacationers on a beach on the island of Corfu.

Over 2,000 evacuated from Corfu as Greece’s largest-ever wildfire evacuation continues

MORE THAN 2,000 PEOPLE were evacuated from Corfu, Greece, as firefighters battled the fires that broke out during the peak tourist season.
Fires continue in the north of the island, where 2,466 people were evacuated overnight from Sunday until this morning.

Girl screams ‘I don’t want to die’ as family flee Rhodes wildfire

“I don’t want to die,” shouted a girl who had to flee the hotel where her family was staying hours after her family arrived in Rhodes.
Jodie, 32, and her husband, 35, Matt, flew from Manchester Airport to Greek Island, but were soon forced to flee for their lives.

Live Greece, Rhodes and Corfu updates holidaymakers evacuate amid wildfires

Holidays and flights to Greek islands were canceled due to forest fires. Emergency evacuations continue in Corfu, which spent a weekend in chaos in Rhodes.
Thousands of British holidaymakers are also said to be stranded on vacation.

La Grèce poursuit le combat contre les flammes, des milliers de touristes évacués

Firefighters continue to fight wildfires fueled by the heatwave in Greece on Monday, after thousands of tourists were evacuated in an unprecedented way during their short vacation on the islands of Rhodes and Corfu.
The forest fire caused “…

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