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Ryanair operating 'full schedule' to wildfire-hit Greece as Europe …


Greece heatwave is expected to become longest recorded in the country’s history

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Heatwave set to be Greece’s longest as extreme weather continues in Europe

The heatwave enveloping Greece is expected to be the longest in the country’s history as temperatures hit 50-year highs this weekend in July.
Kostas Lagouvardos, research director of the Athens National Observatory, told ERT.

‘It’s brutal’: Europeans tell of sleepless nights and dizzy spells in heatwave

Open water swimmer Grabiela Rojas thinks it’s not safe to train in the ocean near Valencia this summer, when sea temperatures are in the 20s.
Rojas, 35, trains by swimming in an indoor pool instead of traveling long distances in the ocean. …

Greece: wildfires break out on Corfu and Evia as 19,000 flee Rhodes blazes

Firefighters in Greece were struggling to contain 82 wildfires that burned across the country, 64 of which began on Sunday, the hottest day of summer.
In addition to the massive fires that caused 19,000 people to flee on the island of Rhodes, forest fires also…

Ryanair operating ‘full schedule’ to wildfire-hit Greece as Europe heatwave fails to deter holidaymakers

Ryanair said it was on a “full schedule” to Greece, where bushfires hit, including the island of Rhodes, when evacuation flights began.
The company’s chief financial officer was present when the airline announced its first quarter results.

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